Points that speak for newspapers

Newspapers, along with books, undoubtedly belong to the classic, traditional media, which, however, are increasingly having to assert themselves against other sources of information such as television or the Internet. Nevertheless, newspapers are and will remain an integral part of the day-to-day procurement and dissemination of information.

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Newspapers are read by all walks of life and all age groups

Surveys have shown that more than three in four people, read the newspaper regularly. The readers come from all walks of life, even if more highly educated people with better incomes use the newspaper a little more often.

Newspapers are not just scanned

Newspapers are read to find out about current events in the region and around the world and to get an overview of current offers from the trade, job offers and housing advertisements as well as other purchases and sales in the classifieds segment.

Newspapers cover a wide range of topics

Newspapers are not limited to one topic but deal with everything the reader needs to know in order to have a say. Starting with business and politics, through culture, society and sport to the classified ads, the reader receives information about all areas of life.

Newspapers take into account local and regional events

The big wide world finds its place in newspapers as well as the opening of the village museum or the school party in the neighboring town. The newspaper thus provides the reader with important information about his place of residence and the region in which he lives.

Newspapers are considered credible

Alongside television, newspapers are one of the most important sources of information, although newspapers enjoy an advantageous reputation for being credible, objective and up-to-date.

Newspapers open up contact opportunities

The regional purchase of newspapers opens up numerous contact options for the reader, starting with classified ads and promotions from local dealers to event tips from the editors.

Newspapers are accepted and taken seriously

Around eight out of ten newspaper readers surveyed state that newspapers contain helpful information for them as consumers.

 Newspapers have memory potential

Advertisements or articles that are published in newspapers are imprinted on the memory because the reader deals with them more intensely than, for example, with information that he follows briefly and casually on television.

Newspapers benefit from positive effects

Newspapers make use of many positive effects because newspapers are read actively and with concentration, are considered credible and up-to-date and offer everything that interests readers. Another advantage is that newspapers are usually read in the morning, i.e. when the capacity is very high.