Reading the newspaper – pros and cons

Many people are not interested in the news on TV and in newspapers. People especially the young ones are more interested in than reading the news.

Cons of reading the news

Many assumptions are made in newspapers, and they are often not correct. You invent something so you can fill the newspaper and have a headline on the front page. Ultimately, when designing the newspaper, the focus is increasingly on direct sales. Newspapers are produced to make money.

Many technical terms make the news uninteresting. Young people in particular are not interested in news when it is written in a complicated way. You don’t watch the news or read the newspaper because you don’t understand anything. Not many young people are interested in politics because it becomes unnecessarily complicated and there are no explanations.

Pros of reading the news

However, one should read newspapers and watch the news to know what is going on in the world. How the situation is in other countries and how things are done there. This allows you to continue your education. One can easily memorize news that one has read or seen on television. In addition, the news provides something to talk about everywhere. You can talk to anyone about what is happening in the world.

The news tells you a lot about politics. You contribute to it yourself through your choice and should already know why he chooses whom and not just put his cross somewhere. We are also often involved in what is decided in politics. Through politics, you can learn something worth knowing about the people who work there, which can later affect the election. At least that way you know something about the person and it is better if you vote in the same way as if you do not go at all or vote someone so that you can participate.


One should be interested in the news. Because it can affect you yourself if something is decided in your own country. In addition, it can be very embarrassing when something serious has happened and you are not informed about anything and ultimately cannot take part in discussions on current topics.