Weighted Blankets, What Are They?

Based on studies, weighted blankets have numerous benefits to people. It helps to relieve anxiety, insomia, and autism.

For many good reasons, weighted blankets become helpful to combat stress and achieve sleeping habits. This is somewhat similar with the way a new and good quality mattress reduces stress. Being considered as therapeutic blankets, weighted blankets generally weigh around 5 to 30 pounds. From the extra weight of the blankets, the deep pressure stimulation is being exhibited. 

Deep pressure is the therapeutic technique coming from the weighted blankets. This kind of pressure from the blanket imitates the utilization of hands-on pressure. Relaxation of the nervous system is its main target. This will eventually result in pain relief, reduced anxiety, and mood enhancement. 

Who gets benefit from a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are effective for the following conditions:

People with autism

Individuals who suffer from autism usually have sleeping troubles. Research shows that weighted blankets may have a great impact on this autism-related concern. However, even without much improvement on their case, the patients confessed that they really like the weighted blankets.

Individuals with ADHD

Studies on weighted vest and weighted blankets are linked together for the effect of the latter on ADHD. Based on research, weighted vest enhances the attention and lowers the hyperactive actions.

Those suffering from anxiety

Weighted blankets are generally used to treat anxiety. The deep pressure stimulated by the weighted blankets can lessen the autonomic arousal. It is believed that this arousal is the primary factor to trigger anxiety symptoms like increased heart rate.

People with insomnia and other sleep disorders

It is discussed earlier that autism can benefit from a weighted blanket by lowering sleeping concerns. This applies true as well with insomnia. In fact, the overall medical advantage of using a weighted blanket is to treat sleep disorders. 

Individuals with osteoarthritis

Actually, there is no actual study for the benefit of weighted blankets on osteoarthritis. However, it is linked to the utilization of massage therapy. The concept of massage therapy basically lies on the application of deep pressure to the joints affected by the condition. Similar to how a weighted blanket works, osteoarthritis may also benefit from this.