Skin Care Is Not Complicated

People, especially women, nowadays, are pressured on how they are going to have brighter skin and get rid of acne scars . This pressure leads to consuming expensive products that most of the time do not really work well on the skin. Next thing will the the accumulation of skin care products that will not be used for the reason of not being suited on the type of skin they have. Aside from causing so much trouble on their skins and pockets, it also impacts and affects their thinking by becoming even more frustrated that after spending so much, they did not get the result they are longing for their skins.

Taking care of the skin should not be that frustrating because good skin care is actually not complex. We are just being pulled by the new generation products and we tend to set our standards of a good skin to those celebrities or idols who surely have their schedules on a skin care clinic.

The truth is, there are only three ways to have the good skin care routine.

First is to clean your face. The first step should already be given and automatic. You do not sleep at night with a dirty face, or a face with a make-up. This clog pores and produce pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Cleansing is necessary if you want to have a good skin.

Second one is to moisturize. Dry skin means a flaky skin. Flaky skin shows that you do definitely do not have a good skin care routine. When you moisturize your face after you cleanse it, you actually hydrate your skin and it will automatically be replenished.

The last one is to protect your skin from the sun. Sunscreen is not just for beaching. Make it a habit to apply this kind of protection in a day to day basis as well.