Prevent Injuries And Fatalities Through Wearing Helmet

Do you believe helmets are a necessary accessory for a two-wheel rider? What’s the importance of helmets in your view?

Who wears a helmet! It’s so uncool! It makes my hair messy and sweaty! I’m a responsible rider, why do I would like it? I’m only going a brief distance. Helmets are cumbersome! These are a number of the statements thrown around in defense of not wearing a helmet.

The above excuses aside, we all understand how critical it’s for a rider and, therefore, the pillion rider to wear a helmet. It is important so you need to get one, the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is available here with the best offer as possible.

Studies and research only reiterate the importance of helmets in providing safety.

According to a UN study, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in an exceedingly road crash than the drivers of passenger cars.

The study also predicts that between the years 2008 and 2020, almost 34 lakh people may die of motorbike crashes if appropriate safety measures aren’t taken.

“As many as fourteen hundred thousand of those fatalities will be avoided with the correct use of safety helmets.”


Structure of a Helmet

A helmet consists of a shell, foam layer, and padding.

The shell distributes the impact across a good area while also preventing anything from piercing the helmet.

The foam, within the meanwhile, absorbs the bulk of the impact, thereby cushioning the pinnacle.

Lastly, the soft and cushiony padding ensures a decent fit of the helmet. It’s critical to confirm the helmet stays steady, doesn’t jerk the top sharply, or fly off in an accident.

Riding involves juggling a spread of emotions, environmental factors, physical surroundings, and bike mechanics – noise, wind, dust, dander, thrill, traffic, co-passengers, joy, exasperation, balance, skill, speed, to call just some.

The ride could also be an everyday transport or a joyride. Irrespective, safety is most important.


Importance of Helmets

The importance of helmets can’t be stressed enough. An old acronym of the motorcycling world, ATGATT, All the gear, all the time, reinforces that safety gear like helmets are vital to confirm the joyride doesn’t find yourself becoming a ‘horror-ride.’


Protection from injury, even death

Ninety-eight two-wheel riders and pillion riders lost their lives in road accidents on Indian roads daily in 2017.

The freedom and thrill of the ride include the inherent compromise of a two-wheeler not having the structural protection of a four-wheeler.

Therefore, motorcyclists should be doubly careful to guard themselves against serious injuries.

If involved in an accident, the rider and pillion rider wearing helmets significantly improve their chances of survival, as against those who don’t.

During a crash, the most vulnerable part of the body is that the head. And therefore, the covering provided by a helmet helps in cushioning the pinnacle from a forceful impact.


Protection from Environmental Factors

Helmets minimize the discomfort and distractions caused thanks to environmental factors.

Strong winds, pollution, bugs, debris, intense sun, noise from the traffic on the road, and rain are all a nuisance for the rider.

A helmet involves the rescue here and helps to keep these irritants cornered. As a result, it allows the rider to concentrate on the road and stay protected against these elements.

Protection from these distractions also helps in enhancing the rider’s safety on the road. They can consider driving, and judgment isn’t compromised.

Shielding a rider’s head is serious business, and an honest quality helmet is the most crucial bike accessory to confirm that.


Requisites of a decent Quality Helmet

The helmet manufacturing industry has seen a revolution within the previous few decades. The growing target of improving safety, enhancing comfort, and redefining style has led to innovative technology innovations.


Listed below are some points to stay in mind when scouting for a top-quality helmet.


  • Should absorb the maximum energy possible during a crash and resist penetration by objects, thereby protecting the pinnacle and brain.
  • Made using next-generation material and, therefore, the latest technology.
  • Lightweight and aerodynamically designed to minimize drag.
  • an ideal fit that ensures it stays on the top after the impact and is comfortable while riding.
  • Quick wear and take-off mechanism for easy use and enhanced safety.
  • Should be comfortable to wear and well ventilated.
  • Fitted with the newest safety, comfort, and elegant features.
  • Should be ISI approved and rank high on trusted sites.

  • Should include clear and lucid instructions for fitting and use.
  • Fashionable and aesthetic in appearance, with a range of fashion, graphics, and color options.