Impacts of Fake News

Media is our source of reliable news and updates. Different platforms keep us posted to current events and even hands us the chance to state our opinions and share it to everyone. However, due to abundance of platforms and users who can join and create accounts for free, click bait and hoax has been a problem.

Fake news should be addressed immediately because of the effects it can give to people. What are the effects of unreal news and updates?

  1. It creates panic. We are all into browsing our phones from morning until before we sleep in the evening. Imagine reading a devastating news right before you woke up and open your phone. What will be your reaction? Then only to find out that it is hoax. What if you did not make an effort to double or triple check if what you have read is fact or not. You might end up having assumptions that could also affect other people.
  2. It ruins the credibility of online media. Because a lot of fake news are always circulating online, the credibility of pages that we tend to trust from the start will also be affected. Yes, it is the responsibility of the readers to check if the page and source are reliable. However, not everyone will make an effort to check all the pages and choose the most legit and credible one. Most of the time, the first to appear will already be the basis. Tendencies are, people will go back to the traditional way of acquiring updates, and that will be through television and newspaper, which actually, in fact, are more trustworthy.

Being online users constitute responsibilities. You are responsible on what you will post and share. You will be held accountable on whatever your opinion and perception will be. Remember that not like the expert painters colorado springs co who are legit and professionals, online updates will not always be legit and facts.