Effective Tools in Defying Fake News

About 63% of US adults presumed that altered videos and images produce greater confusion regarding the facts of current events. However, the majority of the population of about 77% say that there should be measures in order to limit altered images and videos.

Due to the emergence of social media, the presence of edited images is already the norm within the news in the social media world. But, with this, the job of a journalist becomes harder because of the availability of tools which creates fake images and videos. Political leaders and activists were the ones being blamed for creating news that misleads the public. Yet, for most of them, fixing the issue is primarily the responsibility of the journalists. 

Considering digital technology, this concern will most likely get worse up until the near future. To prevent fake news from spreading, journalists must have to learn ways of checking fake images and videos. There are available tools which can be helpful for journalists in eradicating the spread of fake news. And the good thing about this is that these tools are all free of charge.

Free Tools in Detecting Fake News

Aside from the help of the Dallas white collar crime defense attorney, below are the tools that can effectively verify fake images and videos


The TinEye tool acts by searching the web for the same images. What’s good about TinEye is that it continuously penetrates the web and, on a regular basis, it updates its image database. TinEye’s image index is now counting up to more than 37 billion. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari are all extensions connected with TinEye. These extensions permit the users to look for the image as simple as making a right-click on the images in the web browser.


FotoForensics is another free tool to verify fake images and videos. It works by analysing digital images and identifying the areas that could have been altered. The Error Level Analysis or ELA is the advanced algorithm that has been used by this tool to determine the image area having different levels of compression. Moreover, this tool also evaluates the metadata of an image to identify if it originally comes from a camera or was just edited through Adobe Photoshop.   

Other Free Tools

Here is the list of the other tools which determines fake images for free:

  1. Google Reverse Image Search
  2. Forensically
  3. InVID Verification Plugin