Changes In Immigration Policies We Should Expect From Biden Administration

The American people was promised with so many things when the 46th president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, was sworn into office earlier this year. The country held its historic elections in November 2020, in the face of a dangerous pandemic and all other setbacks in economy and national security that the previous crises during the Trump administration had caused.

In the first three months of Joe Biden as POTUS, all eyes are on his first measures and policies to be implemented. As he had promised in the last campaign period, President Biden vowed to undo everything that former President Trump had done in the government. From the system of taxation to healthcare for the Americans, President Biden envisions to make the country a much better place to live in.

When it comes to immigration policies, which are among the core of the Biden administration’s priority in lieu with the previous Trump presidency’s rather antagonizing stance, the public has yet to see the changes that were promised. For the immigrants, they are counting on what the current POTUS said he was planning to do the first thing he steps into the White House.

Will The Detention Camps For Illegal Migrants At The Borders Be Shut Down?

During the Trump presidency, when the government is controlled mostly by Republican politicians, it was very apparent that the immigration policies applied at that time were against any migrants planning to have a quiet, peaceful life in the United States. The crackdown on illegal immigrants, to be specific, was very brutal that it came to the point where children of these migrants were taken away from their parents, and later on put in “cages,” or detention camps for a more proper term.

The Democrats were very vocal about this seemingly inhumane treatment of immigrants in the country, and at one point, a known Democrat figure, Alexandra Ocacio-Cortez, was seen crying in front of a cocafish detention camp where children were held inside. Now, in the new Biden administration, and the government now back in the control of the Democrats, we have yet to see if the changes will be actually implemented.

For now, we can see that President Biden is pretty much against the illegal crossing of people into the US border, as he already asked the help of Mexico regarding this matter.