Accounts of Real Life Snipers Inspire Airsoft Sniper Rifle Enthusiasts

Following in the footsteps of the late Chris Kyle, aka “The American Sniper,” is Nicholas Irving. Based on his experience as a special ops sniper of the the 3rd Ranger Battalion, Irving also wrote a book containing memoirs of his military achievements. In the book, he recounts how his military career started before he brought down 33 Taliban targets during a single deployment in Afghanistan.

Stories of real life snipers serve as inspiration to young adults who plan on enlisting for military service. Some of them may not have had early training in handling a hunting rifle like Chris Kyle, or grew up in a military fort like Nicholas Irving. As alternative, they can participate in airsoft battle games. Doing so will give them a chance to engage in simulations of different military operations, starting with the use of basic airsoft guns. That way, they can develop skills that will enable them to handle the advanced and high-power features of the best airsoft sniper rifle.

Still, in knowing how Chris and Nick took on challenges that shaped their respective military successes, aspiring military enlisters will learn that the road to a successful military career is not just about hitting enemy targets.

Chris Kyle – “The Legend” aka “The American Sniper”

After attending high school in Midlothian, Texas, Chris did not immediately enlist for military service. His first profession, was that of a bronco rodeo rider from which he later sustained an arm injury that ended his bronco rodeo profession. After recovering from his injury, he presented himself to a military recruiting office with intention to join the U.S. Marine Corps. A better option was presented to him by a U.S. Navy Seal recruiter, who convinced Chris to apply as a Navy Seal instead.

Although initially rejected in light of his arm injury, Chris later received an invitation to undergo the basic 24-week (Seal Sea, Air, Land) Basic Underwater Demolition for SEAL (BUD/S) training program. In 2001, Chris Kyle graduated as one of 23 remaining trainees out of the 108 men originally enrolled in BUD/S Class 233.

Nick Irving – “The Reaper”

Unlike Chris Kyle, Nick Irving enlisted for military service right after graduating from high school. Although he had plans of joining the US Navy Seals, he failed to do so after one of the tests revealed him as being color blind. Nonetheless, at a young age of 16, Nick rendered military service under the 3rd Ranger Battalion after going through the rigorous Ranger Indoctrination Program. Starting out as a machine gunner, he later advanced as a machine gun team leader, marksman, sniper, to becoming a sniper team leader, and eventually master sniper.

Through all those years, Nick went through numerous academic and training programs, which he claims, were more than a college undergraduate goes through to attain a college degree.