2021 – The Year of Hope

In the previous year, the Corona Virus took almost everything that makes life fun. But that vaccine is finally coming. So 2021 will be the year of hope.

2021 – A Year of Hope

2020 happened to us. We stood on the sidelines while the coronavirus took off with us and put an end to so many plans. Festivals, holidays, football matches, and whatnot. But this year should be a new year, with new opportunities. We hope so. Maybe against your better judgment. Still, we make an attempt. What are we going to fill that new, now so damn empty, agenda within 2021?

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We take the pencil of hope. Browse quickly through the first weeks of the new year, because the lockdown keeps us in its strict grip for the time being. But that vaccine is coming. And then everything just keeps getting better.

While the usual festivals and carnivals could still be canceled this year, there’s still hope that there will be something in place of the usual activities and celebrations. But surely 2021 must still have something to offer? A leap in time. To the beginning of April, the Easter weekend.

Hope. It could just be the word of the year.

Because as long as there is hope, at least you tell yourself that there is still something to look forward to. On the way to summer – at the stadium! – grab a few more games from your favorite football club, for example. At the end of April RKC Waalwijk – Ajax, just to name a nice poster. Or the home duels of PSV, which can just end up in a haunting title battle with the team from Amsterdam.

On holiday?

It was at the Christmas table in small circles that the question popped out – are we actually going on vacation next year? Travel agencies reported for the first time after so long, they become busy with bookings instead of rebooking. It seems that the travel industry is slowly coming back into the business. With the promise of vaccinations, vacations and travel seems to be a good idea. Many more people dare to think about holidays again, especially for May and autumn. Providers are very flexible with their cancellation conditions, in order to convince holidaymakers.

It gets better, right?

In the fall, after we have been on vacation or not, everything gets better. The corona experts, from the minister to the RIVM and the 1001 virologists, agree that in the most optimistic scenario we will have almost all been vaccinated just after the summer. Can we then again fall into each other’s arms en masse? The cafes on Tilburg Hill without hesitation? Or to Het Noordbrabants Museum whenever you want?