You won’t Believe how Powerful Newspapers are

In this digital age, many are wondering whether newspapers are still relevant or is it dead? The relevance that traditional newspapers have are declining gradually since the 1950s. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed with various mediums of digital media making people slowly forget about newspapers. Even so, it is interesting to see that newspapers still remained as an integral part of media landscape.

Development of Newspaper as Decades Pass

It is undeniable that there are huge changes in newspaper for the past several years. This can be seen across different demographics and age category. Articles and newspaper advertising has a lower impact on today’s entertainment decisions. This is why businesses that are focused on mittel für bartwachstum and basically, any business for that matter are jumping to digital marketing to promote their services and/or products.

Can Newspaper keep its Hold of the Public?

Cultural institutions, tourism organizations, events and performing arts are all seeking for ways to generate diverse and wide demographic whenever possible. Therefore, it only makes sense to keep a diverse and wide strategy for media consumption.

While the internet provides remarkable options for precise geographic and demographic targeting, newspapers are still capable of reaching important audience.


Advertising in newspaper is now the 3rd most vital source of information among senior citizens. As a matter of fact, they contribute around 39 percent of respondents who seek information via newspaper next to TV and word of mouth.

Cultural Beliefs

Cultural believers or those who attend cultural activities and art events on a regular basis are more likely to read newspapers. They acknowledge and also, support the significance as well as the relevance of print media including newspapers, magazines and books.

Ethnic Communities

Ethnic newspapers whether you believe it on rot still thrive today. Truth is, they play an important role in ethnic communities and connects community members both to each other and to a larger community. This provides a voice for the community as a whole.

Having said that, it is safe to say that ethnic newspaper advertising serves as a powerful yet, effective method to reach these types of communities.