Upping Your Lash Game

The Eyes are the window to the soul, and yes your eyelashes are your curtains! Who wouldn’t want a fab looking curtain anyway? That is girls from all the world are developing ways on how to amplify the natural beauty of their lashes, and of course, the cosmetics world like NatalieRoseCosmetics didn’t disappoint. Great lashes make every simple day and outfit look fabulous. enhancing the glow of the face and making simple makeup look snatched.

The Extension and The Lift

Ladies have adored putting falsies on their lashes especially on big events where they have to go extra. But, aside from the fact that you have to struggle on gluing it on your lid and making sure it doesn’t look as fake, we all know we want those lashes extended every day, so what better way to achieve that than to have extensions? Pieces of hair put on your lid to achieve that everyday fabulous look adding volume and curl to your lashes. Though it is known to be pretty expensive. On the other hand, it is wise to know that there will be a lot of things to be mindful not to do, to keep your extensions at bay. From the personal experience of others, making sure not to rub your eyes is so important since it can give intense damage to the extensions, also wearing of mascara should be out the window as well, since it may uproot the extensions when applying, and especially when taking off the mascara.

The second most innovative thing the cosmetic world has given birth to is the trend of lash lifting. Lash lifting is basically the perming of the lashes to give it the natural curl, which then makes it look longer and more volumized. in this process, the lashes are lifted within a glue-like material, then applied with the “perming” solution which is then soaked for a couple of minutes. After such, the lashes are given more steps to make it absorb the solution and then removed from the glue-like material. Ladies have loved this one even better, especially for those who have naturally long lashes that are not in need of extensions. Also, the aftercare of the lash lift is more simple and requires less maintenance. Lash lifts are known to last up to eight weeks, and costs cheaper than extensions.