SC Justice Agrees to Review Evidence about Trump’s Presidential Immunity Protection Over Official Actions

trump actions claiming immunity for presidential protectionLawyers of ex-president Trump have cited a previous Supreme Court remark about presidential immunity that was mentioned in a case that is completely different from Trump’s Manhattan trial. Yet Trump lawyers argue that the SC statement has some bearing on the hush money case associated with the payment made by Trump to former porn star Stormy Daniels. However the case was largely focused on a specific payment via a private check, to former porn star Stormy Daniel, which the federal judge had previously ruled as an act not protected by presidential immunity.

The high court ruling on presidential immunity protection is not applicable to every conceivable act of the president. In line wit the said ruling, the Supreme Court had prescribed guidelines in distinguishing official acts of the president that are presumptively immune from criminal prosecution; as opposed to unofficial acts that cannot be considered for presidential immunity. Besides, such arguments, if used in court, require appropriate rebuttals from the prosecutors.

Justice Merchan Agrees to Review Arguments Claiming Violation of Presidential Immunity Protection

In response to the letter submitted by Trump’s lawyers to Judge Juan Merchan, the acting justice of the NY Supreme Court who presided in the criminal litigation of Donald Trump, gave Trump’s lawyers up to July 10 to submit a detailed memo. Said memorandum must present evidence that Trump’s actions were official and immunity-protected. The prosecutors on the other hand have up to July 24 to submit their rebuttal and counterpoints regarding the matter.

Judge Merchan’s decision to review the immunity arguments of Trump’s lawyers means the sentencing for the former president’s conviction will be pushed back for later. Come September 06, Justice Merchan will announce whether Trump’s guilty verdict will stay or be discounted and not be enforced at all.