Latest Poll Shows Bipartisan Support for Actions Taken by US in Ongoing Russia-Ukraine War

Ironically, it takes a devastating crisis like Russia’s Ukraine invasion to narrow, if not eliminate the American political divide on certain political issues. According to an online poll conducted by Nielsen Scarborough from March 16 to 28, 2022 for the University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll, large majorities of the US population are keeping abreast of the developments taking place in Ukraine.

The poll indicated the American people’s general support for the steps being taken by the Biden administration. Responses also revealed that the American public is generally willing to face the consequences of the country’s military support for Ukraine.

Yet on issues that reflect directly on political performance, such as the responses and actions taken by both the Biden administration and that of the previous Trump administration, the attitudes still reflect the intense partisan divide between the Republican and Democratic parties.

Some Examples of Bipartisan Key Issues Agreed to by Majority of Americans

When it comes to views about Russia, 34% of the poll respondents consider Russia as an enemy of the US. Of those who think so, 40% are Democrats while 34% are Republicans.


Still, 68% of poll respondents demonstrated bipartisan opposition to decisions of deploying U.S. soldiers to Ukraine, even if the Russia-Ukraine conflict persists.

Nevertheless, overall 83% of the respondents regardless of party affiliation, indicated they agree to support the Ukrainian army in terms of military equipment. Moreover, large bipartisan support of about 89% favor the sanctions imposed on Russia even if it means potential increase in inflation rates.

Despite such views, 61% of the respondents expressed concerns about possible military confrontation with Russia, including fears of Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons.