How News Blogs Work Effectively in Conjunction with Google’s Browser

One of the reasons why content marketers catering to news domains have a “Submit A Guest Post” page is because of the fast pace by which consumers catch up with current trends. News websites are constrained to keep up with news, particularly local news spreading virally across social media platforms.

Data analyses of queries launched via Google’s search engines, revealed more than just questions. The queries also led to on-the-spot local news and social media activities that went viral in social media sites. Guest bloggers were quick to pick them up as news items since they were already trending across various newsfeeds.

Google Chrome Maintains Leadership as Browser Platform

Since March 2020, when COVID-19 struck as a powerful force that totally changed the way people consume online content, studies revealed that consumers relied heavily on Google Chrome as their research tool. Financial and market analysts took note of the increased number of people relying on Google for related news.

The pre-pandemic estimation of 3.6 billion queries launched daily via Google, rose to more than 6 billion during the pandemic period. Thereafter, the number of consumers relying on Google to provide reliable information, kept rising. Mainly because ecommerce, which embraces different kinds of online transactions, became mainstream.

Meanwhile, fake news and misinformation proliferated, of which many were instigated by former US president Trump to cover up his administration’s faIlure in dealing with the global health crisis. Thankfully, Google released only fact-checked answers by using a rigid set of algorithms in distinguishing fake from real news.

How Does Guest Blogging Work as an Effective SEO Marketing Tool?

In practice, news domains distinguish official news reports from news blogs by featuring the latter in a different section.
The goal of guest blogs is to supplement the site with quality content that can help boost the positioning of both the host’s news website and the guest blogger’s website.
Unlike official news reports, guest postings are search engine optimized. As a content marketing component, it carries an external link or backlink connected to the guest blogger’s website. The purpose of which is to boost the visibility of the blogger’s website to search engine crawlers.
After all, the crawlers are responsible for indexing the blog content as a likely source of answers for specific queries. Google’s browser algorithms on the other hand, rank the indexed content according to the level of relevance to topic-specific queries. Blogs with the highest rating for quality and level of relevance, are likely to appear in the top pages of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).