2019 Fashion Trend : Women’s Fashion is Seeing a Revival of the Indo Western Clothing

The fusion of contemporary Western-style clothing with the elements of traditional female Indian garments, first came around during the 1960s up to the 70s. Back then, Western fashion started adopting the basic loose Indian tunic, and later the loose bottom wear. Many Western women took a liking for those styles, because they were comfortable and elegant at the same time .

In the same way, Indian fashion trendsetters made some modifications by using contemporary Western prints, colors and fabrics. Doing so somewhat reduced the ethnicity of their formal Indian outfits, when worn at non-cultural events or gatherings .

The fusion of Indian traditional clothing and contemporary Western fashion continued, but did not pick up much as a fashion trend between the 1980s and 1990s. Americans had introduced the grunge look as the more affordable and less complicated clothing style; allowing women to pair anything with everything as economical mix and match ensemble.

The 21st century presented another opportunity for the broader development of Indo Western fashion, since globalisation had reached full realization. Bollywood fashion icons became more visible. The Western world is now seeing more of the fashionable and glamorous Indian actresses showing form and beauty, while wearing modern versions of the traditional styles.

Revival of the Indo Western Style

The 2019 fashion trend is reviving the Indo-Western style that modifies the traditional ethinic wear by way of the following:

The Traditional Sleeve Length – The traditional long tunic called salwar has either long or short sleeves. The westernized salwar my forego the sleeves, and replace them with spaghetti straps similar to a halter or tank top. There is also the one-sleeve or one strap design that came around as a popular Western fashion.

The Traditional Shirt Length – The traditional kurta, a long shirt that falls either a little above or below the knee, and the loose fitting salwar can also be much shorter as an Indo-Western garment, so they can be worn as blouses paired with western-style jeans, leggings or shorts.

The Traditional Neckline – The Indian kurta and salwar have necklines cut close near the neck base, while the tight-fitting short blouses worn as the top portion of the 3-piece lehnga, may have scooped necklines. In an Indo Western version, necklines may plunge deeper than is customary.

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